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Resource tax can't scratch the surface
12-15 15:21
The reform of resource tax should of course be supported with both hands. To tolerate an extensive and low-cost exploitation of resources is to condone a predatory and unsustainable development model.

Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan successfully reversed its losses

12-15 15:21
Benefiting from the global economic recovery, the growth of chemical market demand and the implementation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures, Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan began to get out of the profit downturn and successfully turn around its losses.

Asian pure benzene market rose

12-15 15:21
On Thursday, Asian pure benzene rose $21 / ton, FOB Korean pure benzene closed at $818-819 / ton, and FOB Southeast Asian pure benzene closed at $805-806 / ton.
12-15 15:16
On June 3, the negotiation in East China was about 5950-6050 yuan / ton, the negotiation in South China was about 6100-6200 yuan / ton, and the negotiation in North China was about 5900-6000 yuan / ton.
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